Romanus Custom Vinyl MFG

ROMANUS CUSTOM VINYL MFG. From Fall Out Boy, Motley Crue, Alice & Chains, to Young Thug or awesome underground bands we are here to add something unique to your release. We are your one stop shop for custom built vinyl orders. We offer a array of proprietary in house custom designs that were once only available here at Romanus but now are available to every band and label around the globe! Whether you provide the wax and we modify or we take care of your entire project from start to finish. SPACE IS LIMITED PER MONTH!  Hit us up at with any questions. ITS CHEAPER THAN YOU MIGHT THINK! Our goal is to work with almost anyone, not price the world out. Lets make something happen :)
Sand Filled: 
12 inch
email to add custom items. ie, matches, razor blades, dino bones, etc
Liquid Filled: 
Holographic Glitter Patterned: 
Themed Creative Ideas (our favorite) Think outside the box!